5L Hand sanitiser price in South Africa


5L Hand sanitiser price in South Africa

The 5L hand sanitiser price in south Africa can vary between R130 and R180. This, however, has been difficult to come by. There are many hand sanitiser manufacturers in South Africa who charge extremely high prices for their products. We have seen prices ranging from R150 to R250 for a 5L of hand sanitiser. This has sparked some controversy as we have to ask the question, “Is this really what it has come to, to keep my family and loved ones safe?”

How much sanitiser is enough for a month?

5L hand sanitiser should be enough to carry you and your hose hold through a month. Many South Africans have been using sanitiser sparingly due to its high price. We have found that most South Africans sanitise between 10 and 20 times a day. This is factoring in entering stores, the workplace, before and after driving and entering their homes. Is this enough? Yes, considering you have no idea what is being used to sanitiser your hands at these places. If you trust these sanitisers they use, you are sure to be fine with 5L a month. If you do not. we recommend you stock up and keep a travel sanitiser with you at all times.

Does the 5L hand sanitiser price come down over time?

The 5L hand sanitiser price is stable at the moment. Buying a 5L hand sanitiser enables you to decant into other vessels regularly and keep them around the house. Once you have purchased three or four containers to use around the house, in your car or at the workplace, they should last quite some time. Making sure you do not run out of sanitiser is the most important aspect of staying safe and keeping you protected. Spending R50 here and there on new containers of sanitiser at big retailers will see you cutting into your monthly budget quite a lot. You can say safe with Swish Africa sanitiser and have peace of mind. Follow this link to buy your 5L hand sanitiser for the best price.

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