Bulk hand sanitiser in South Africa, the prices and availability

Bulk hand sanitiser in South Africa, the prices and availability

Bulk hand sanitiser prices in South Africa have been in disarray since the start of the pandemic. Especially when one buys from a big outlet that sells to the consumer. Prices can range from R50 to R100 for a 500ml bottle of sanitiser. Unfortunately, the overheads, re-sellers take and taxes imposed on the items are of such margins, that the end-user has to pay for them. The only way to avoid all these is to buy straight from the manufacturer and buy in bulk.

Bulk hand sanitiser prices in South Africa depend on where you buy from

Buying bulk hand sanitiser in South Africa is very tricky. One would have to do quite a bit of research to find out if the product you are buying has been manufactured in South Africa, or if it has been imported. Usually, the manufacturer name would be on the label, indicating if it is a South Africa company. For instance, “Hand Sanitiser”, manufactured for “Company A” by “Company B”.

Most of the South Africa Sanitiser manufacturers procure their alcohol for their products from Sasol. This is followed by the transport cost of the alcohol from Sasolburg to where ever in the country. Buying imported alcohol can sometimes be cheaper, but also includes risks. Many imported alcohols include impurities and are made from sugar cane.

The mark up from raw product to final product can be up to 200%. But, not at Swish Africa. Ordering hand sanitiser from the manufacturer is easier than you think. Here at Swish Africa, we manufacture and deliver to your door.

Who buy bulk hand sanitsier in South Africa?

The most frequent clients would be factories, resellers, businesses and service providers. Buying is only one half of the effort, getting your order delivered to the location you require it to be delivered to is the other. In this industry, we work on lead times. Clients would stipulate a delivery date, and we would then ensure that we deliver the requested product, on the specified day at the specified location. As a result, we focus on giving the best advice to our clients. In addition to the best advice, we give the best product. Our hand sanitiser is 80% alcohol (WHO recommended formula) and tested to LOG5 standards.

Furthermore, our clients receive a COA document (Certificate of Analysis) describing the characteristics of the products. In addition to this, we provide a POD (proof of delivery) for every order our clients request us to make for them. We offer an all in one service. You can order your products from us and we shall deliver them for you to your cleint.