Bulk hand sanitiser price for South Africa

Bulk hand sanitiser price for South Africa

Bulk hand sanitiser price for South Africa

There are various methods to create hand sanitiser and this influences their price. With COVID-19, bulk hand sanitizer price is subject to the market and the import cost of the chemicals needed to create the sanitiser.

Bulk hand sanitizer price for local markets

Hand sanitizer has become one of the most sold items in South Africa. Quantities vary between 50ml to 25L at a time. This is all depending on the needs and uses of the sanitiser. Individuals purchasing for household use, typically buy 1litre to keep and use around the house. Companies typically buy 5 litres at a time to decant and distribute amongst employees. Manufacturers typically buy 25 litres to sanitise big workspaces, this is sometimes more effective than buying smaller quantities.Bulk hand sanitiser price can be lower for orders over 250 litres. Swish Africa is one of the market leaders in the supply and manufacturing of hand sanitiser. “We have seen manufacturers sell hand sanitiser for ridiculous prices and this is unfair to the public” Inus Venter, Marketing Director of Swish Africa. “I see overcharging of sanitizer as war profiteering” he states.Swish Africa has been started as a child company of Chemtoll pty ltd. to assist local companies with the growing need of sanitiser. Where Chemtoll focuses on helping larger companies, Swish Africa focuses on helping households and smaller businesses.

5-litre hand sanitizer for R130

25-litre hand sanitizer for R650

How about the hand sanitizer price for small businesses?

The sale of hand sanitiser for smaller companies have not gone overlooked. Hand sanitiser has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Buying a 25-litre container should be enough for a company of 10 – 25 employees for around a month. This is depending on if your company is a brick and mortar store where customers come through the door or not. Having a few litres in stock will ensure that you have peace of mind.If you are looking for a reliable supplier of hand and hard surface sanitiser for your company, Swish Africa is definitely the supplier for you. Make sure you visit their website for the best prices and highest quality hand sanitiser. Fill out this form to order in bulk for your company.

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