Hand sanitiser quotes, discounts and bulk orders

Hand sanitiser quotes, discounts and bulk orders

Hand sanitiser quotes can vary on the amount of sanitiser you need and where you need it delivered to. The most important details to give us is:

  1. How many units of 5L or 25L you require
  2. Where you need it delviered
  3. By when do you need it (Lead time)

These are the most important details to keep at hand when requesting hands sanitiser quotes. When you ask for a quote, you would also require a few things from the supplier. The most important things to as for is:

  1. Is the product regestired?
  2. Is the product tested?
  3. By who is it tested?
  4. Do you have SABS certification?
  5. Do you have SAPRHA accredition?

Knowing these things will help you separate the fly by night suppliers from the heavyweights in the industry. It is important to note that suppliers might be more expensive than manufacturers. Swish Africa is a manufacturer and can therefore give better prices than suppliers.

Hand sanitiser quotes for bulk orders

At Swish Africa, we can give discounts for larger orders. Orders of 1000L+ are R22 per litre. We can deliver these orders free of charge in the Cape Area. If the delivery location is father away, delivery charges will be quotes as well as we would have to make use of the delivery services available to us.

Swish Africa is able to supply you with all the necessary documentation for your business or tender:

  2. SAHPRA approval
  3. COA (Certifiacte of analysis)
  4. EN 1276 test report, EN 1650 test report and EN 14476 test report
  5. ITA 23735 test report

All these documents would be needed to submit to the tender. In addition to being able to present these with your prices would increase your chances of being awarded the tender. Furthermore, for many tenders, they are a prerequisite. Our product is also made according to the WHO standards and recommended formula.

You can call us directly for a quote at +27 63 618 3556 or send us a mail at swishafricasales@gmail.com.

You can also visit our online store HERE.