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Hand sanitiser is still one of the best ways to combat COVID-19. As we know, COVID-19 is transmitted by particles in the air from coughs and sneezes. Additionally, it is also transmitted through touch and surfaces. Using hand sanitiser regularly combats the spread of the virus by touch. Swish Africa is a hand sanitiser supplier in Cape Town, that had our sanitiser tested, to help protect your family.

How does the testing work?

Testing hand sanitiser can be done in various methods with various accredited testing companies. We at Swish Africa tested our product through Intertek, an internationally accredited testing company. Testing also gives rankings to the quality of the product and its effectiveness. For example, Products can be ranked from LOG2 to LOG 7 of effectiveness. LOG2 means it is 99% effective and LOG7 means it is 99.99999% effective.

Our hand sanitiser is certified to a LOG5 standard meaning it is 99.999% effective. Not only does give you more peace of mind, but it also gives you the guarantee that our product is safe and regulated by the proper authorities.

What does it mean to be a hand sanitiser supplier in Cape Town

Being a hand sanitiser supplier and manufacturer is a big responsibility. We manufacture the products that keep you and your family safe. We have recently expanded our product list to include various other products to keep you and your family safer for cheaper. You can find this product brochure here!

We are trusted by clients to provide the best quality of product but also provide it on time. Furthermore, being a hand sanitiser supplier in Cape Town means we can get our products to our clients effectively. Being based in Cape Town, we know the city and its layout.

Always have a bottle of your hand sanitiser wherever you go! If you’re in need of some hand sanitiser, follow our links and get yours delivered straight to your door!

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